Today, I received 4 rejections from things that I really love. Over the last 6 months, I think I was rejected from over 40 jobs I’ve applied for.

It’s hard when you feel there is no closure, no reason, and so much rides on the decision.

Growing up is hard. We don’t talk about rejection enough in our lives. I don’t know how to end this post.

I’m not a big fan of school-sponsored study abroad. I think it can take away from the serendipity of meeting new people abroad, and overall doesn’t prepare students on how to make the most of their time abroad. From my experience - when you take the “school” out of travel, you are mentally dropkicked into the real world of danger, and constant, rachet adventure. And that really opens up a whole new world of intellectual growth.

That’s why I haven’t been so thrilled about my school-sponsored internship this summer. But let’s be honest: I cannot stop thinking about the fact that I will be doing real development work in rural South Africa the whole time (so I must give USC a huuge thank you for the hookup and da cash).

Development…the challenges of essentially trying to create something from nothing. 2 months of development research in India was definitely the most frustrating thing I ever did.

But more importantly, life passions, real life, same thing right now. I’m all about this.

Got my hipster tragus piercing (which has finally healed over) and everything.


[Fishermen in Mpumalanga, South Africa (National Geographic)].